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[IMAGE]   Merge, Acquire, Sell or Divest Success Stories -- Strategic Management Partners has substantial experience advising corporations and individuals on the strategic and mechanical issues of corporate development. Our senior professionals have been involved with a number of assignments representing both sellers and buyers in a confidential manner. Our principal has been involved in over 40 transactions, including 26 acquisitions, 4 start-ups via purchase, 10 divestitures and two IPO's worth over $780M Sales Revenue or Leased Asset Valuation, and over $500M in transaction value at the time of transaction.

We have been engaged to sell control of companies, divest divisions or subsidiaries, perform search and buy assignments in specific industries and to help acquire independent companies. Most assignments had acquisition values ranging from $5M to $50M.

The firm combines its network of relationships with substantial databases to locate the most appropriate partner for each transaction. Our services include strategic analysis and feasibility, industry searches and screens, preliminary fact gathering, negotiating purchase structure and price, and planning post-merger operations.

For clients selling or divesting a business unit, Strategic Management Partners provides expeditious and confidential handling of the most sensitive information. We help prepare a descriptive memorandum, select and contact potential buyers, establish introductory meetings, assist in negotiating price and structure, and review letter of intent and contracts.

We have conducted planning assessments to determine the right type of acquisition that would be a strategic fit, completed candidate identification for both acquisitions and divestitures, conducted due diligence on transactions, and negotiated terms and conditions. We are experts at using divestiture and acquisition strategies to enhance valuation. We have a track record for attaining a fair price, favorable terms, and developing strategies for combining entities.

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General Industrial
Environmental treatment products, water conditioning equipment, manufacturing heat exchangers, industrial hardware and fasteners, chemical metering products, industrial liquid treating products and process design.
Heavy Manufacturing
Industrial cooling towers and heat exchangers, tank car and interior lining and coating facilities, rail cars, industrial and municipal waste and water treatment.
Automobiles, trucks, aircraft, railroad locomotives, ocean going vessels, materials handling, computer, construction, industrial and medical equipment.
Ocean Shipping
Fleet(s) of US and foreign flag vessels, time charters of LASH (Lighter Aboard Ship) Barges and Eurogulf containers.
Marketing agent for broad lines of industrial equipment and supplies, wood and food products, agent for 90 airlines and steamship companies, provider of shoreside services for carriers.
Real Estate Development
Wharf and dock operations, real estate development, retirement communities, condominium complexes, golf course management, land wholesaling and development, mine cleaning to Kuwait government.
Banking and Credit Services
Credit reporting services, investment banking systems, computer services.
Computer and peripheral manufacturing and fabrication, computer and professional services, manufacturing software, hospital information software systems, database software, productivity tools, Natural Language interfaces, policy research and consulting, and Multimedia software.
A detailed list of specific transactions and terms is available if required.

turnaround management and investing, Strategic Management Partners, Inc., tsigetarts   Methodology to Success

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Strategic Management Partners utilizes a process, a methodology that produces results. SMP uses work plans to enable us to complete an assignment in from 16 weeks to six months elapsed time:
    Divestiture or Partnering = from availability of a quality Business Plan
            or Offering Memorandum;
    Acquisition = after establishing the Strategic Objectives for the company.

Managing a Sale, Divestiture or
Finding a Corporate Partner
  1. Convert plan into offering memorandum
  2. Agree upon methods for valuation
  3. Develop criteria to select buyer prospects
  4. Select prospects from data base of contacts
  5. Prepare an offering package
  6. Confidentially contact all viable prospects
  7. Prepare presentation for prospect visits
  8. Arrange and manage all prospect visits
  9. Begin discussions and obtain signed offers
  10. Evaluate offers against divestiture objectives
  11. Negotiate to understanding
  12. Obtain signed letter of intent
  13. Manage due diligence to obtain expeditious close
  14. Obtain signed sale agreement
  15. Close the transaction

  Managing the Acquisition
  1. Understand/establish Strategic Objectives
  2. Develop evaluation criteria screen
  3. Select candidates from data base of contacts
  4. Screen and qualify against selection criteria
  5. Prepare a summary interest offering letter
  6. Contact all viable candidates
  7. Qualify candidates who express interest in being acquired
  8. Collect general company and industry data
  9. Evaluate the best candidates against Strategic Objectives
  10. Contact those selected to introduce client and arrange meeting
  11. Begin discussions and propose initial offers
  12. Negotiate to understanding
  13. Obtain signed letter of intent
  14. Manage due diligence to obtain expeditious close
  15. Obtain signed purchase agreement
  16. Close the transaction

Contact us to discuss the detailed methodology and how this can work for you.

We utilize a "Lehman Formula" or a modified version thereof to calculate fees in transactions. The "Lehman Formula" usually is 5% of the first $1 million, 4% of the second $1 million, 3% of the third $1 million, 2% of the fourth $1 million, and 1% above $4 million of transaction value. Fee structure is adjusted for smaller or larger transactions depending on the circumstances.

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John M. Collard, Chairman, CTP
Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
522 Horn Point Drive
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