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[Marble]   Turnaround & Crisis Manager Summary

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[IMAGE] Strategic Management Partners has substantial experience advising corporations and individuals on the strategic and mechanical issues of corporate development, operating management and turnarounds for asset recovery. Our principal has over 25 years experience in P/L Management, Strategic Planning and Repositioning, M&A for Strategic Advantage, Finance, Investing, Raising Funds, Sales/Business Development, Building Selling and Marketing Teams, and Operational Auditing = In Public & Private companies = In healthy and crisis situations. Look to a Certified Turnaround Professional

We provide assessment studies to determine the situation, planning and strategy development to direct the company, crisis management to oversee that assets are not squandered away, workout teams that recover assets, and board level oversight to keep the client headed in the right direction.

While there are many descriptions for phases in the turnaround, we believe that they can be summarized into three types. Balance Sheet restructuring is a one-time event normally associated with bankruptcy. But only 15% of chapter 11 cases come out of bankruptcy, so there must be more to the process for true recovery. Most focus by crisis managers is on Financial turnarounds, but you can only cut costs so far. We focus on the operational restructuring to create truly lasting results required by stakeholders. Here is where focus on revenue driven turnarounds, and implementing processes that control the business come into play. We have experience in all three types of turnaround. We prefer to restructure operations for lasting results.

Balance Sheet Restructuring
Recapitalization changes the relationship between financial stakeholders
Financial Restructuring
Maximize liquidity to provide time to evaluate viability of the entity, implement cost reduction plans, and renegotiate financing arrangements
Operational Restructuring
Focus on long term requirements to assure creation of a stable, profitable, cash generating company with a qualified management team and process improvement

For long term success, the turnaround strategy is important. There are different strategies to be employed depending on where the company is in the crisis, or decline. These strategies are governed by how costs are related to revenue generated. You can reduce assets, cut costs, increase revenues, but when and how are key. We invite you to contact us to see how these methods work in your case.

Our documented success stories capitalize on recovering assets, rebuilding organizations, managing troubled companies to return to profitable growth, transitioning companies into new business sectors, and creating breakthroughs. We invite you to review our credentials.

We enter engagements at one of several stages. While all engagements do not go through all stages, we are able to impact the parties and often change begins immediately.

Terms, conditions and fee arrangements for engagement
are based on need, duration and commitment.
          Stages of Engagement
      Stage   Duration
  Assessment Study 3 to 10 days
  Planning & Evaluation 30 to 90 days
  Manage the Company 6 months to 2 years
  Sell the Company 16 weeks to 6 months

[Marble]   There is a Method to Successful Corporate Renewal

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Learn as much as possible, quickly to assess situation
Prepare current state of the company
Prepare Business Plan
Course or courses of action
Implement Plan
Build team of players within the company to carry out the turnaround
Monitor Process
Keep vigil to assure success
Stabilization and Transition
Make adjustments where necessary -- including top management

We believe that there is a process of renewal that can guide engagements which is critical to running a company effectively. We utilize this philosophy to revitalize companies. We also believe that it is important to instill the philosopy where possible, to balance the change process -- turn from the crisis reactive mode to the renewal proactive mode and settle the situation. We find this produces results.

[Marble]   The Process of Renewal

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Bringing direction and focus.
We take the helm at a company and establish a Process of Renewal to benefit the stakeholders.
Renewal Process
Restructure Operations
Provide Leadership
Plan for Continuity
Build Revenue Base
Be Fiscally Responsible
Promote Your Image
Promote the Need for Your Services
Deliver Value and Benefit to Customers
Identify Challenges to Overcome

[Marble]   Balancing Change -- Planning vs Reacting

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Bringing control and focus to a process
which most managers and people dislike, resist, and are often afraid of.
The corporate renewal process can have predictable outcomes.
Balancing Change [Mobile]
Renewal/Proactive   Crisis/Reactive
Based on Market Shifts
Dynamics of Change Dramatic;
No Other Choice
Controlled Change
Many Subtle Adjustments
Degree of Change Sweeping Change
Major Rework
Strategic Repositioning Catalyst to Change Outside Influence
Posture for Future Direction Refocus to Survive
Increase Value;
Invest for Growth
Benefit Assess, Restore Value;
Save What You Can

We have developed management processes that focus on various phases and actions during the turnaround cycle. This structured and orderly approach allows us a high rate of success in crisis, turnaround and workout engagements. Contact us to discuss the detailed methodology and how this can work for you.

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[Marble]   Contact Information

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John M. Collard, Chairman, CTP
Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
522 Horn Point Drive
Annapolis, Maryland [MD] 21403
Voice 410-263-9100 Facsimile 410-263-6094 E-Mail Strategist@aol.com

We serve as experts for comment or quote, please contact us at 410-263-9100 [Telephone]

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We welcome constructive inquires, please send via E-Mail to:   Strategist. [Mailbox]


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