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[Marble]   Bankruptcy Services/Prevention Summary

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[Scales] Strategic Management Partners has substantial experience advising corporations and individuals on the strategic and mechanical issues of corporate development and operating management. Our principal has over 30 years experience in P/L Management, Strategic Planning and Repositioning, M&A for Strategic Advantage, Finance, Investing, Raising Funds for individual investments and venture based money funds, Sales/Business Development, Building Selling and Marketing Teams, and Operational Auditing = In Public & Private companies = In healthy and troubled situations. We have managed companies in the bankruptcy process, organized prepackaged plans, and kept clients out of bankruptcy. We have recovered assets totaling more than $85 million for clients.

We encourage avoidance of the bankruptcy process to preserve value and maintain control of the company. While some situations are well suited for the process, others are not. We follow structured assessment guidelines to determine the status of the company quickly. We address the real issues and not the symptoms to help our clients understand what actions are required and which make sense. We have developed short form and detailed methodologies for effective structured analysis. We develop strategies and workout plans to revitalize the company. We also bring capital in select situations or raise it in others. We invite you to discuss how we can be of benefit in your situation.

We believe that there is a set of skills that is critical to running a company effectively, we utilize this philosophy to revitalize companies for our clients. We also believe that it is important to change the style of leadership and management when a crisis or transition is at hand. The styles of leadership are different and call for different strengths. Decision making is critical to the process, it can not be left to those who did not make these decisions before, or to those who made the wrong ones. After reaching stability, another change in the leader or manager is often the right answer as well.

We are experts in the field and have presented testimony on several occasions to help reform the bankruptcy process; For President Clinton's National Economic Group, Bankruptcy Work Group; For the Russian Bankruptcy Law Reform Delegation; and others. See Expert Advisors   Turnaround Managers   Certified Turnaround Professionals

We believe that prevention is a much better strategy than reacting to crisis.   [Scales]

[Marble]   Crisis Prevention in Transition

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Bringing prevention and avoidance to situations to preserve value and avert the cost and control of the court process.
Crisis Prevention in Transition
Turnaround Methods
of the Past
Corporate Renewal
Focus of the Future
Cut Costs,
  Stretch Creditors
Cost Management
  and Containment
Reorganize the
  Balance Sheet
Put Systems and
  Processes in Place
Generate Cash;
  Sell Assets;
  Collect Receivables
Manage Working Capital
  and Cash Flow for
  Extended Periods
Bring in New Money,
Generate New Revenue

We have developed management processes that focus on various phases and actions during the turnaround cycle. This structured and orderly approach allows us a high rate of success in crisis management, workout, asset recovery and corporate renewal engagements. Contact us to discuss the detailed methodology and how this can work for you.

[Marble]   Communication is Important in the Crisis
      Manage the Process

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  • Organize a crisis management team
  • Create a Mission and Direction Statement
  • Cunduct an audit
  • Develop a Communications Plan
  • Tell the Truth
  • Keep it Simple
  • Identify Remedial Actions
  • Evaluate Feedback and Modify Plans
  • Keep lines of Communication Open, Communicate Often
  • Build a Proactive Communications Strategy

[Marble]   Prescription to Renewed Health
      A Whole Turnaround Process

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  1. Stop the bleeding
  2. Adopt cash management policy
  3. Accumulate and analyze data
  4. Determine who will participate
  5. Assess manufacturing and production capacity
  6. Lower the Break-Even point
  7. Implement sound strategy
  8. Set realistic goals
  9. Grow company sales, generate revenue
  10. Establish increased value
  11. Locate sources of capital
  12. Create an idea generating process
  13. Create Reserves
  14. Demonstrate progress
  15. Sell the Business

We invite you to talk with us about an assessment of your situation or providing new leadership to recover investment value and revitalizing the company.

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[Marble]   Other Sources of Bankruptcy Information

We find this source of Information particularly useful.
          Internet Bankruptcy Library

[Marble]   Contact Information

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John M. Collard, Chairman, CTP
Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
522 Horn Point Drive
Annapolis, Maryland [MD] 21403
Voice 410-263-9100 Facsimile 410-263-6094 E-Mail

We serve as experts for comment or quote, please contact us at 410-263-9100 [Telephone]

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